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Al Caiola And His Orchestra The Magnificent Seven.mp3

Elmer Bernstein Magnificent Seven .mp3

The film's score along with the main theme is by Elmer Bernstein.  The score was nominated for an Academy Award in 1961.  The original soundtrack was not released at the time until reused and rerecorded by Bernstein for the soundtrack of Return of the Seven.  Instead electric guitar versions by Al Caiola in the US and John Barry in the UK were successful on the popular charts.
The “Return of the Seven” wasn’t released until October of 1966 at which time the soundtrack for the original was released.  As mentioned above, the version heard on most radios at the time was by Al Caiola.
I too like the original but it does not function well as a background tune on a website.  If you check, it takes almost 15 seconds of intro before the well known notes of the tune happen.  Where the version by Caiola starts with the familiar notes.
I just checked and found 7 versions of the music.  Varies from Mancini to Billy Strange.

Ed Raley, ETR3 Plank